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Flexibility as company target

We live in a constantly changing world. Especially the IT industry is subjected to strong temporal changes. In order to to become our goal after flexibility fairly, we try to separate our experiences from individual technologies and programming languages. For us it is importantly that we understood the concepts of modern software development, the realization with a programming language follows only in second place. With this approach we are able to adapt us fast to new customer requirements and to train us in new programming languages and technologies.

        IT Service
10. January 2009 - Modern electronical devices are very easy to handle, at least the advertisement promise this, which is partial right. If it comes to concerns of small companies, then the error however often is in the detail.

Often the problems begin with ... ->

        Merry Christmas
22. December 2005 - Like every year we want to take the opportunity to thank all customers, business partners and friends for the very good cooperation during the last year.

In 2005 we could strengthen our market position and also expand our knowledge in many ... ->